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Welcome to our roundup of Riedell Skates, where we explore the thrilling world of figure skating and the high-performance footwear designed to elevate your performance. Join us as we dive into the innovative features, sleek design, and top-tier materials that make Riedell Skates stand out in the competitive market. Discover why these skates are the preferred choice for skaters of all levels seeking the perfect balance of comfort, style, and power. Let’s lace up and take to the ice together!

The Top 10 Best Riedell Skates

  1. Riedell Skates Dart Roller: High-Performance 4-Wheel Set in Black — Experience the perfect blend of style and performance with the Riedell Skates Dart Roller quad roller skate, featuring top-quality materials and unmatched grip at the rink.
  2. Comfortable & High-Quality Riedell Wave Adult Roller Skates — Experience ultimate comfort and smooth gliding with the Riedell Wave Roller Skates — perfect for indoor and outdoor fun!
  3. Riedell Quad Roller Skates for Lolly Black Suede Enthusiasts — Experience the perfect blend of style and comfort with Riedell Quad Roller Skates — Lolly Black Suede, designed for versatile indoor and outdoor skating adventures.
  4. Riedell Soar: Onyx Men’s Figure Skates — Riedell Soar Mens Figure Skates: Comfortable, supportive, and versatile ice skates designed for beginners and casual skaters, featuring 3M Thinsulate insulation, plush foam padded velvet linings, and stainless steel Spiral blades.
  5. Riedell Crew Roller Skate — Smooth Gliding Ocean Dreams — Ride in style with the Riedell Crew Roller Skate — combining cool looks, top-notch ankle support, and smooth gliding wheels for a skating experience that’s sure to impress!
  6. Riedell Horizon Senior Figure Skates — Classic and versatile figure skates with a modern ergonomic fit and stainless steel blade for a smooth and comfortable skating experience.
  7. Riedell Dart US 2 Skate — Stylish Riedell Option — Experience the perfect blend of performance and style with the Riedell Dart quad roller skate, featuring man-made upper and lining, PowerDyne Thrust nylon plate, ABEC 5 bearings, vibrant color options, and exclusive matching hubs.
  8. Riedell Ruby Adult Ice Skates with Faux Crystal Details — Riedell Ruby Adult Ice Skates combine comfort, style, and performance with synthetic reinforcements, a modern ergonomic toe fit, and decorative gem features, all featuring the smooth and durable stainless steel Luna blade.
  9. Riedell Orbit: Adventurous Outdoor Skating Experience — Experience the ultimate outdoor roller skating adventure with the Riedell Orbit, offering a high-quality, comfortable, and affordable option featuring a durable aluminum plate, cushy wheels, and versatile toe stop design.
  10. Riedell Solaris 10 Roller Skates — Experience unmatched comfort and performance with the Riedell Solaris Boot 10, featuring a modern, natural-shaped toe area, lightweight Dynamic Response Outsole, and heat-moldable design tailored to your foot.

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Riedell Skates Dart Roller: High-Performance 4-Wheel Set in Black

Riedell Skates Dart Roller: High-Performance 4-Wheel Set in Black | Image

I recently got my hands on the Riedell Dart Roller, 4 / Black and let me tell you, it’s been a game changer for my roller rink experience. The man-made upper and lining are super comfy, making it easy to glide around the rink for hours.

The PowerDyne Thrust nylon plate provides excellent support, and the ABEC 5 bearings ensure a smooth, friction-free ride. I also love the 62mm / 93A Dart wheels and matching hub, which adds a stylish touch to my skating ensemble. And let’s not forget the Midi Gripper toe stops, which keep me safe and confident on the rink.

Overall, the Riedell Dart Roller is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to level up their roller rink experience.

Comfortable & High-Quality Riedell Wave Adult Roller Skates

Comfortable & High-Quality Riedell Wave Adult Roller Skates | Image

Riedell Wave Roller Skates are perfect for anyone looking to have some fun and enjoy the great outdoors. With their high-quality build and comfortable design, these skates are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

The reversed kingpin with double-action trucks make for a smooth roll, while the high-rebound urethane bearings provide a smooth experience. The fixed toe stops offer extra safety, ensuring a reliable stop-and-go experience.

However, the lace-up closure may require more effort compared to other styles. Overall, Riedell Wave Roller Skates are an excellent choice for beginners looking for comfortable and durable roller skates.

Riedell Quad Roller Skates for Lolly Black Suede Enthusiasts

Riedell Quad Roller Skates for Lolly Black Suede Enthusiasts | Image

I recently took the Riedell Quad Roller Skates — Lolly Black Suede out for a spin. The first thing that stood out was the smooth and sleek appearance of the Moxi Lolly Black Skates. Just looking at them, you could tell they were a quality product.

Once I stepped into the 65mm/78a Outdoor Classics pre-fitted wheels, I quickly noticed how comfortable the boots were. I was amazed at how quickly the Moxi Classic Black suede boot adjusted to my feet and gave me that perfect fit. It also helped that the PowerDyne Thrust Nylon plate provided an exceptional level of support throughout my skating experience.

One thing I have to admit, is that the PowerDyne adjustable toe stop felt a little tight on my skates, but it easily got loosened. In terms of the wheels, the ABEC-5 bearings provided an added level of smoothness and performance on the skating surface I was using, and I loved the feel of it gliding along.

While it’s not perfect, the Riedell Skates — Lolly Black Suede, overall, provided a very enjoyable skating experience. With the soft leather boots, solid wheels, and a dependable plate, I could confidently say they are worth every penny.

Riedell Soar: Onyx Men’s Figure Skates

Riedell Soar: Onyx Men's Figure Skates | Image

As a figure skating enthusiast, I found comfort in the Riedell Soar men’s figure skates when stepping onto the ice. Their foam-backed velvet lining is soft and makes for carefree gliding, while the durable leather uppers ensure long-lasting wear. One feature I particularly appreciated was the power-strap Velcro closure, which kept my feet safely secure.

Unfortunately, like many new skaters, I didn’t quite get the right fit. I ordered the recommended size based on my shoe size, but it felt a bit snug, leaving me wanting more room for thicker socks. After consultation with a professional skater, I learned that I should have gone at least half a size up.

While the skates did require quite a bit of sharpening, once on the ice, they offered a smooth glide thanks to the Spiral stainless steel blades. I would definitely recommend these skates for new or recreational skaters, but those with wider feet should ensure they measure up correctly.

Riedell Crew Roller Skate — Smooth Gliding Ocean Dreams

Riedell Crew Roller Skate - Smooth Gliding Ocean Dreams | Image

The Riedell Crew Roller Skate effortlessly blends style and functionality for those looking to join the coolest gang in town. Its sleek design and vibrant color scheme are sure to make a statement when cruising through the city. The high-top boot design provides excellent ankle support and stability, catering to both beginners and experienced skaters.

Constructed from durable leather, these skates are built to withstand all your adventures and dance parties. The smooth rolling wheels offer a comfortable glide, allowing you to easily master your moves on the dance floor or at the skate park. The colorful wheels and toe stop add a fun, personal touch to your skating style.

Under the hood, the skate features ABEC-5 bearings for a smooth ride every time. The adjustable trucks allow you to customize the feel of your skates to better match your preferences. With a range of unisex boot sizing options available, the Riedell Crew Roller Skate is perfect for anyone looking to add a dash of cool to their skating experience. So, gear up and get ready to skate with confidence and flair!

Riedell Horizon Senior Figure Skates

Riedell Horizon Senior Figure Skates | Image

As a figure skater passionate about the classics, I recently tried the Senior Riedell Horizon Figure Skates. While they didn’t break the bank, these skates boasted an elegant design that complemented any wardrobe.

What stood out to me, however, was the versatile blade — the stainless steel Spiral blades made gliding on the ice a breeze. Despite their affordability and simplicity, they still offered comfort thanks to a modern toe fit and cushioning.

However, I did notice that the synthetic uppers didn’t provide the same level of support as higher-end materials. All in all, the Riedell Horizon skates are a great introduction to figure skating for the casual skater or those in need of affordable yet reliable equipment.

Riedell Dart US 2 Skate — Stylish Riedell Option

Riedell Dart US 2 Skate - Stylish Riedell Option | Image

The Riedell Dart quad roller skate is a striking and versatile option for those looking to strut their stuff at the roller rink. The skate is designed with a man-made upper and lining, offering both comfort and durability. The PowerDyne Thrust nylon plate enhances the skate’s performance and stability, ensuring a smooth ride every time.

The inclusion of ABEC 5 bearings adds to the Dart’s responsiveness, while the Dart 62mm/93A wheels provide a perfect blend of speed and control. Toe stops are also part of the package, with the Midi Gripper toe stops ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for skaters of all levels.

The Riedell Dart skate is available in a variety of fun colors, making it a stylish choice for both men and women of all ages. The skate’s exclusive matching color hubs add a touch of class and individuality, making it a standout choice at any event.

Despite its numerous features and benefits, the Riedell Dart is priced at a point that’s hard to resist, making it an affordable and attractive option for those in search of a high-quality, reliable pair of roller skates. Overall, the Dart makes a great choice for both casual and competitive skaters, and its high rating is a testament to its quality and style.

Riedell Ruby Adult Ice Skates with Faux Crystal Details

Riedell Ruby Adult Ice Skates with Faux Crystal Details | Image

The Riedell Ruby skates stand out with their combination of style and functionality. These adult ice skates boast synthetic reinforcements and light support, ensuring a comfortable experience on the ice. Featuring a modern ergonomic toe fit, users can enjoy out-of-the-box comfort right away. The plush hand-rolled collar and flex notch design contribute to a secure and comfortable fit.

To add a touch of elegance and sparkle to your ice skating experience, the Ruby skates come equipped with faux crystals in the backstay and a decorative gem lace bar. Equipped with a stainless steel Luna blade, these skates provide smooth edges for a smoother glide on the ice. Although some users may find the price tag a bit steep, the quality and design of these skates make them a worthwhile investment.

Riedell Orbit: Adventurous Outdoor Skating Experience

Riedell Orbit: Adventurous Outdoor Skating Experience | Image

Riedell’s Orbit roller skates offer an irresistible, exhilarating outdoor skating experience. With a high top boot in three vibrant colorways — Orchid, Ultraviolet, and Lagoon — you’ll easily find your favorite to match your style. The solid Marvel aluminum plate provides durability and stability, while the Sonar Zen 57mm wheels ensure a smooth, comfortable ride on any outdoor terrain.

Adding a personal touch, the adjustable color matching toe stop ensures the perfect fit. Priced reasonably, the Riedell Orbit delivers fun in the sun without blowing your budget.

Riedell Solaris 10 Roller Skates

Riedell Solaris 10 Roller Skates | Image

I’ve been wearing the Riedell Solaris boots for a couple of weeks now, and let me tell you, these things have been a game changer for my derby skating experience. The first thing you’ll notice about them is that they’re incredibly comfortable, thanks to the heat-moldable material on both sides of the boots. These boots really do seem to be custom-fit just for my feet.

As far as performance goes, the Dynamic Response Outsole is a true standout. This boot feels more responsive than any others I’ve tried, and the weight is practically negligible. It’s also incredibly durable even with the lightweight design.

One feature that’s really impressed me is the V-Lock heel closure. It offers unmatched security, and the curved, padded collar does a fantastic job of cradling my ankles. Sure, they may not be the cheapest boot on the market, but when you’re looking for the best in comfort, performance, and fit, the Riedell Solaris boots are worth every penny.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide for Riedell Skates. Riedell has been a leader in the world of roller skate manufacturing for over 80 years. They offer a wide variety of skates, each with its unique features to cater to different types of skating styles and preferences. In this guide, we will go over some important considerations when buying Riedell Skates, as well as general advice for the product category.


Key Features

Before diving into the specifics of Riedell Skates, it is essential to understand some key features that can impact your skating experience. These features include the boot type, wheel size, and bearing type. Let’s briefly discuss each of these factors and how they can affect your Riedell Skates’ performance.

Boot Types

Riedell Skates are available in multiple boot types such as hockey, jazz, and derby skates. Each type of boot is designed for specific skating styles and provides different levels of comfort, support, and flexibility. It is crucial to choose the right boot type depending on your preferred skating style and level of experience.


Wheel Size

Another essential factor to consider when selecting Riedell Skates is the wheel size. Wheel size can influence your skating speed, agility, and overall performance. Generally, smaller wheels are suitable for faster, more agile skating, while larger wheels are better for stability and smoothness. It is crucial to choose a wheel size that aligns with your skating style and preferred performance.

Bearing Type

The bearings of your Riedell Skates play a critical role in determining your skating speed and overall performance. High-quality bearings will ensure smooth and efficient rolling, while low-quality bearings may result in slowed down performance and increased friction. It is essential to invest in a Riedell Skate set with high-quality bearings for optimal performance.



What are Riedell Skates?

Riedell Skates is a well-known brand that specializes in producing a variety of skates for different purposes. They are best known for their high-quality roller skates designed for recreational use, roller-derby matches, and professional competitions. Their skates are highly acclaimed for their comfortable fit, durability, and excellent performance.

Riedell Skates has been a trusted brand for many years, providing skaters with exceptional products that have become a standard within the skating community. Their commitment to innovation and the development of high-quality products makes them a top choice for skaters of all levels and interests, whether it’s for personal enjoyment or professional competition.


What sets Riedell Skates apart from other brands?

Riedell Skates differentiate themselves from other brands in several ways, including their commitment to the following aspects: design innovation, superior comfort, and outstanding durability. This is achieved through a combination of cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials, and a keen understanding of the unique needs of skaters.

Additionally, Riedell Skates offers skates specifically designed for various skating styles and levels, ensuring that skaters of all backgrounds can find a perfect fit for their needs. This attention to detail and customization sets them apart from other brands, making them a trusted choice for skaters worldwide.

Which types of skates does Riedell Skates produce?

Riedell Skates offers a wide range of skates, catering to various needs and skating styles. Some of their most popular types include recreational roller skates, roller-derby skates (Quad/Inline), roller hockey skates, and figure skates. Each category offers a selection of styles, fits, and sizes to ensure that skaters can find the ideal pair to meet their preferences and requirements.

Riedell Skates also provides custom and personalized options for skates, allowing customers to create a skate that perfectly fits their style and individual needs. This commitment to offering a diverse range of products is just one of the reasons why Riedell Skates is a top choice for skaters around the world.


Are Riedell Skates suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Riedell Skates provide beginner-friendly options in their lineup, making them suitable for individuals who are just starting their skating journey. They offer skates that are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to maneuver, allowing beginners to focus on learning the basics without being hindered by uncomfortable or difficult-to-handle skates.

Riedell also offers a vast selection of resources and tutorials online, making it easier for beginners to learn proper skating techniques and care for their equipment. This combination of beginner-friendly skates and supportive resources makes Riedell Skates an ideal starting point for anyone interested in taking up recreational skating or joining a roller-derby team.

How can I determine the right size of Riedell Skates for me?

Riedell Skates use the standard U. S. sizing system, making it easier to find the perfect fit for your feet. To ensure the most accurate measurement, they recommend using a Brannock-style measuring device to determine your shoe size. Additionally, Riedell provides a sizing guide on their website, which includes various tips and conversions to help you find the ideal fit.

When trying on a new pair of Riedell Skates, be sure to test them with the socks you plan to wear while skating and leave an approximately 0.5 to 1 cm (1/4 to 3/8 inch) gap between your longest toe and the end of the boot. This will allow your feet to move comfortably during skating and can help prevent discomfort or injury.

What after-sales support does Riedell Skates provide?

Riedell Skates are committed to providing their customers with outstanding after-sales support. They offer various resources, including an online warranty and support section, knowledge base, and customer service team, to help address any post-purchase concerns or issues. Additionally, Riedell provides guidance on proper maintenance and care for their products, ensuring that their skates remain in optimal condition and continue to perform at the highest level.

Riedell Skates also offers replacement parts and component options for many of their products, ensuring that if any part of your skate needs to be replaced or repaired, you can continue to use your existing skates as a reliable and accessible option for your skating journey. This level of support demonstrates Riedell’s dedication to the satisfaction of their customers and the longevity of their products.

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